Switch's self-service platform: A risk-free, easy-to-use platform designed specifically to make you more money


Benefit from Switch’s unique ad trading technology platform: SwitchAds. This platform is specifically focused on increasing publisher revenues by allowing our 40,000+ advertisers to compete for individual impressions at the price they want to pay. We make sure that only bids that exceed your floor price (as set by you) are accepted. It’s a risk-free way to boost to your revenue!

SwitchAds makes sure you maximise the value of each and every impression on your website by auctioning the advertising spaces to the highest bidder. The user interface provides a clear view of earnings, fill rates and average CPMs to empower you to make adjustments in real time and optimise your set-up.

This self-serve monetisation platform leverages the innovative Switch decision engine in a light, yet powerful set of tools specifically designed to supercharge your site’s advertising revenue, completely free of charge and with no contracts!

Applying for a SwitchAds account is quick and easy; you simply need to fill in our application form. We will then evaluate your site for brand safety and eligibility and let you know the result. Once on board, you can start making more quickly!


Features & Benefits

Features & Functionalities

Ability to set individual floor prices per ad unit.


Multi-size and Responsive ad units available.


Monetise unsold inventory through passbacks.


Icon Boost the value of your inventory by allowing a large pool of advertisers to compete for impressions.


Gain a comprehensive view of your site's advertising performance.


Datasheet for SwitchAds


Infographic for SwitchAds

Quick Facts Sheet

Quick Facts Sheet for SwitchAds

Supercharge your programmatic revenue with SwitchAds.

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