We’ll help you to buy smarter and increase campaign results

We’ll help you drive your campaign performance, while ensuring you always remain in control.

Through us you have access to a single source of graded, premium, global digital advertising inventory, as well as industry-leading technologies to help you measure your performance and deliver campaign results.

Our scale and expertise, along with our audience insights, provide you with the intelligence you need to buy smarter – driving your campaign performance while remaining in control.

Get access to 30 billion global impressions

We can give you access to 30 billion global ad impressions a month through a single source, direct sales and open RTB.

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We give you access to the UK’s largest premium brands

As a leading brand specialists, we give you access to exclusive, site-specific advertising and branding opportunities across some of the UK’s largest premium brands – including the Ministry of Sound, Vue and Weight Watchers.

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Expect more from your digital advertising campaigns

We offer you access to unique digital advertising opportunities across an exclusive brand portfolio. And by grading and packaging quality inventory by audience across programmatic channels and in Private Market Places, we give you increased control over your campaign performance.

Find out how we deliver digital advertising solutions across display, video and mobile through our exclusive Publisher portfolio.

Email us at: buysmarter@unanimis.co.uk


We’ll ensure you’re better armed to minimise risk

We work with industry partners like Integral Ad Science (IAS) and the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) to stay ahead of the curve and bring only the highest quality, clean inventory to the market.

Our 24/7 automated monitoring systems and practices place scores on web pages to determine the risk of fraudulent activity. We also proactively block ads in real-time before they appear, while leveraging predictive data in the programmatic pre-bid environment to avoid bids being made against fraudulent or suspicious activity.

We help to shape digital policy and direction

We’re also an active member of the IAB. We sit on the UK Board and take an active role in shaping the policy and direction of the UK digital industry.

IAB UK Board | IAB Mobile Leadership Council